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Price Decrease Adjustment From RM18 to RM15 effective on 1st November 2022

This change will help us develop better features that are easy to use while still keeping our prices competitive. In fact, we’ve been able to add some new packaging bottle for different purposes.

We are passionate about finding solutions to help simplify everyday life, while taking care of everyone's health. In our modern urban lifestyles, our hands are exposed to all kinds of unhygienic surfaces teeming with illness-causing germs— but keeping your hands clean shouldn't mean drying out your skin, or leaving hands sticky. 

For over the past years without raising our prices. We are already well-known for our excellent customer support and that will never change, for both free and paying customers.

Our brand is for people that want to simplify their lives, people that are passionate about design, caring souls that are environmentally responsible, ultimate geeks, and experience enthusiasts with minds that always look for something different. For all of you, we will do our best to always exceed your expectations with every single product we create. Our Premium Support is available for everyone via the live chat on our website.